Dating & Relating Workshop


Dating & Relating Workshop

25.00 35.00

$25 Pre-Registration (through 3/12/18) | $35 at Door

Enjoy wonderful evening with two perspectives as Daniel and Danielle offer insights from both sides of a relationship!

Whether male or female - single or a couple - this workshop is for you!

Join Daniel Allen (writer, speaker, and founder of Soul Expansion) and Danielle Leibovici Bloom (Psychotherapist-and Law of Attraction Relating Success Coach) and get insights from two professionals who are passionate about relationships today and what it takes for them to be truly successful and long standing as they discuss, demonstrate, and offer tips for love and life!

You'll learn about:

  • What do men and women really want when it comes to intimacy, attraction and communication?
  • Discover what you truly want in a relationship.
  • Desiring to deepen a relationship you already share?
  • Learn new skills and simple techniques to increase love in your life – instantly!
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