I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.
— Hafiz

What is Soul Expansion?


Soul Expansion is an innovative form of spiritual and emotional counseling rooted in principles that lead towards increased self-love and an enriched life experience. It bypasses common bottlenecks and allows an individual to generally excel faster than traditional therapy. It offers a playful – not painful – pathway where we see ourselves and celebrate our purpose with clarity, awareness, and personal strength.

You will learn to become centered and skilled at living from your soul rather than your mind through a series of fun exercises and games.


What is the Purpose of Soul Expansion?

The purpose of Soul Expansion is to offer a way of living life independent of any spiritual, religious, or similar beliefs, acknowledging and accepting that we are fully responsible for our own feelings, thoughts, and actions. To walk through our journey with increased integrity and a deepened understanding – and appreciation – of ourselves and others.


Who Does Soul Expansion Serve?



Step in to a precise spiritual and emotional practice that bypasses traditional bottlenecks and allows an individual to quickly excel.

Based in accountability and awareness, you will instantly begin to see life differently through a series of fun exercises and games.



The dance of a couple is the most intimate of relationships and it can become easy to lose sight of what matters most.

Discover how Soul Expansion can align and enliven your relationship! Enjoy the ease, depth, and richness that you've been seeking.



Come one, come all! The journey and success of a family is determined by the sum of its parts. Whether child or adult, when individuals are valued and embraced, the entire family thrives!

Learn how Soul Expansion strengthens and supports this foundation of life.



Take the practice of Soul Expansion to your workplace or team. Watch the shift in accountability and productivity of your staff increase and move towards a thriving cooperative environment!

We focus on executive coaching and corporate culture.


How Does Soul Expansion Serve?

Soul Expansion (Conscious Loving & Living)

Step into a transformational shift of how you see yourself, others, and your journey through life.

Soul Expansion Presents: Conscious Dating

We don't get the love we want, we get the love we believe we deserve!

Soul Expansion Presents: Born. Romantic.

Romance is simply a loving intention or thought brought to action.

Soul Expansion Presents: Conscious Separation

We may know how to end a marriage or relationship, but most of us don't know how to complete them.

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