Why are we referred to as a Partner rather than Client or Patient?

Great question! We actually get it a lot and the answer is pretty simple. When Soul Expansion was forming, it quickly became clear that it was a relationship where the Lead Partner (Facilitator/Coach) offers their insight, aptitude, and guidance to assist the Partner's growth and evolution. It is a collaboration, and therefore a true partnership.

Generally the reference of a "client" or "patient" represents a dynamic of status (where the professional maintains a higher importance). In Soul Expansion, we learn that relationships are based in equality.

How many sessions is the full Soul Expansion process?

The pace of every individual's Soul Expansion is unique. There are many factors that determine emotional and spiritual growth. The process [of Soul Expansion] is the application of learned skills and tools. The majority of Partners complete the process in twelve sessions, and this is what we consider the "full process."

Occasionally a Partner will require supplementary sessions. In such instances, suggestion will be made in advance and the decision fully resides with the Partner.

Why are there different Soul Expansion programs?

Another great question! The Soul Expansion (Conscious Loving & Living) is our principal and full program. Your Lead Partner (facilitator) will walk beside you through twelve sessions (via in-person, video, or phone) in a playful - not painful - process that is guaranteed to elevate your life!

Each of the other programs (i.e., Conscious Dating, Born.Romantic., Conscious Separation, Breakthrough Feelings of Fear) utilize only a few relevant key concepts befitting to their respective topic. Click here to learn about the different Soul Expansion programs

Is there a sliding scale?

Yes. The intention of Soul Expansion and commitment of each facilitating Lead Partner is to forward the advancement of conscious Loving and living for everyone! Acknowledging that some individuals may be balancing financial challenge, we do offer a sliding scale. We review and consider each request independently.

For more information, please Contact Us.

Is Soul Expansion religiously affiliated?

No. While some Partners may participate or consider themselves part of a religious community (Christianity, Islam, Catholicism, Hinduism, Judaism, etc.), they found that Soul Expansion compliments their respective beliefs and teachings. In most cases, bringing a more profound understanding of their faith and spirituality.

Is Soul Expansion New Age?

No. Soul Expansion is grounded in concepts, skills, and exercises that lead to clear - often immediate - results! The emphasis is on accurately identifying and feeling emotions, personal empowerment, and self-awareness. No chanting. No crystals. No incense.

What is the difference between Soul Expansion and psychotherapy?

 While Soul Expansion and psychotherapy share some similarities, their focus is different. Psychotherapy for the most part is oriented toward pathology, psychological disorders, and trauma. Soul Expansion focuses on achievement and the fulfillment of your intentions and goals.

Psychotherapy deals more with dysfunction, emotional or behavioral problems, focuses more on the past or disruptive issues, and has the purpose of bringing the client to normal functioning. Soul Expansion maintains its objective on the flourishing and thriving of the Partner's (client) potential.

Most often, psychotherapy is done in-person, while Soul Expansion can easily be provided either in-person, phone or video sessions. Traditionally, Soul Expansion is done with an already functional person, to help move them towards higher self-awareness with the aim of achieving personal excellence.

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