Soul Expansion (Conscious Loving & Living)


Find enlightenment. Fast. Our core program offers transformational shifts in how you see yourself, others, and your journey through life. It focuses on essential concepts that quickly bring your soul towards fuller integrity and enlightenment as you discover, explore, and heal within a loving and gentle space. You'll learn skills to become stronger, secure, and empowered.

Step into an uplifting combination of discussion, games, and specialized activities that provide epiphany and results which are immediate and lasting!

Best Serves: Individuals, Couples, Families, Workplace

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Soul Expansion Presents: Conscious Dating


We don't get the love we want, we get the love we believe we deserve! Often, there is a wide gap between these two shorelines. Reinvigorate the process of dating as you shift from being 'completed' to being 'complemented'. Stop repeating the same relationships and discover the ways that you want to be loved and clearly define the partnership - and partner - you are seeking! Learn the purpose of intimate relationships and skills that can instantly be applied to find your soul mate!

Already dating? This program offers a wonderful opportunity for partners to deepen their shared connection and develop a conscious loving relationship.

Best Serves: Individuals, Couples, Groups

Sessions: 4

Offered: In-Person, Phone, Video Sessions, On-Site*

Fee: $399 (Individual) / $599 (Couple)

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Soul Expansion Presents: Born. Romantic.


Romance is simply a loving intention or thought brought to action. It's not about flowers, chocolates, or sex! Enjoy an amazingly fun program as you move beyond archaic beliefs about romance and reveal that you are a born romantic.

Whether you are currently single or in an intimate partnership, this program will benefit you! Learn about the three different types of romance and deepen the relationships you hold with yourself and others, instantly uncovering the ways that you and your partner want to be loved!

Best Serves: Individuals, Couples, Groups

Sessions: 4

Offered: In-Person, Phone, Video Sessions, On-Site*

Fee: $299 (Individual) / $450 (Couple)

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Soul Expansion Presents: Conscious Separation

Conscious Separation

We may know how to end a marriage or relationship, but most of us don't know how to complete them. It may seem unexpected that we offer a program for Conscious Dating and another for Conscious Separation, but some relationships may not last through our lifetime.

Research clearly demonstrates that how we conclude a significant relationship determines our view of it and ourselves, affecting how we manage future relationships. It doesn't matter if you've been dating a few months or together for several years, the fact is a break-up or divorce can be a very traumatic experience. Regardless of how cordial the process, once we set aside the logistics most of us are left vulnerable, raw, and often disoriented. Let's make a change for the better!

Understanding how to navigate this delicate transition in a mutually kind, compassionate, and generative manner is essential to the success and well-being of the individuals, family, and community of friends.

This program works with one or both relationship partners (and family members when relevant) to clearly identify beliefs around your relationship. It offers specific skills to elevate beyond self-defeating patterns and behaviors, guiding you towards a conscious completion and greater love and relationships.

Best Serves: Individuals, Couples

Sessions: 8

Offered: In-Person, Phone, Video Sessions

Fee: $599 (Individual) / $899 (Couple)

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