The Difference Between Your Ego and Your Essence

I'm often asked by during Soul Expansion sessions and workshops, "what is the difference between your ego and essence (soul)?"

It's a worthy distinction. In fact, one of the first things learned through Soul Expansion is how to fire your brain and become more skilled at living from your essence. The brain is almost always incorrect; by contrast your soul is always correct. The issue is that most of us are not attuned well enough to experience predominately living from our soul or know what we truly feel.

This is partly what distinguishes Soul Expansion from other practices; more than just offering insight, it provides tangible skills to easily do so!

So, let's open the topic a bit to get it flowing.

Your ego is fixated on basically just one thing: being correct. Some may suggests it is to protect you, but I disagree. I know my own ego to be quite fickle; in one moment it's letting me know that I am superior and/or correct (compared to another person or circumstance), and a moment later reminding I am not as wonderful as I think. So, it even turns on myself! It separates my essence from all else. It gets lost in my (physical) existence of life.

Conversely, your essence is much gentler. The sage within you that doesn't require the abrasive and boisterous approach to suppressing others to be seen, recognizing and acknowledging that it is part of a greater (spiritual) whole and connection to all of life.

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Aspects of Your Ego

  • You’re often caught in circling thoughts (thinking about the same things over and over).

  • You’re often consumed by your emotions (especially feelings of anger and fear).

  • Your inner dialogue is heavily focused on anxieties, fears, doubts and self-criticism (I’m not good enough, I’m not beautiful, I can’t do this, I totally stuffed up, I am bad at this, my life is meaningless).

  • Your worth is dependent on external things (whether you’ve got a partner, a mortgage, a great job, a gorgeous wardrobe, a huge circle of friends).

  • You desperately need validation from other people to feel good about yourself.

  • You’re easily bruised when things don’t go your way, people don’t act in the way you expect them to, people let you down, people say or do things that offend you.

Awareness Tips

  • Your ego is something you have to live with, but you don’t have to listen to it or believe what it has to say.

  • Try not to take it too seriously; It’s not the real you.

  • If you hear your ego hark up, call it out — “Ha! Nice try, ego [I've actually named mine]. Better luck next time.“

Aspects of Your Essence

  • Your spirit, soul, and true self.

  • Who you really are deep down below all the labels, roles, expectations and social masks.

  • Something that doesn’t change — you are born you and you will forever be you.

  • Inherently worthwhile — you are divine energy from the Universe. Your very existence in this world is what makes you beautiful, valuable and amazing.

  • You get a sense about things, an intuition, an inner voice which guides you.

  • You realize you Love and accept yourself deeply and completely.

  • Your have burning desires and goals, but your sense of self-worth and happiness is not dependent on them.

  • You are forgiving of others and you are more easily able to accept people as they are, (perceived) faults and all.

  • Your preferences, desires and ideas bubble up from within you (not from external influences like society and the expectations of others).

  • You get a sense of being in the flow, of losing yourself in something you enjoy — like yoga, running, walking, painting, playing music, writing, or cooking.

  • You often experience an indescribable connection with the entire Universe — especially a sunrise, a starry night sky, an old tree, or a poem that resonates with you.

Awareness Tips

  • Effortless — it’s like the Universe is guiding and gently pushing you forward.

  • All the right people, places and circumstances unfold in perfect timing around you.

  • You are free, fearless and empowered to go after your dreams and build a beautiful life.

  • You understand your purpose in life is to follow your dharma, your heart’s song, your own path, and to give your unique gifts to the world.

  • Your soul is eternal and always present, even if you don’t always feel it or pay attention to it.

You can build a better relationship with your essence through stillness, meditation, spending time in nature, soul or journal writing, being open-hearted and authentic, and doing more things that you enjoy.

Learn to listen to your soul when it speaks to you, trust in it and act on the advice it gives to you.

Your soul is a source of unconditional love, courage and strength, wisdom, and happiness and joy. It can’t be harmed by other people’s opinions or external circumstances. It can’t be harmed by anything.

To be fair, it is incredibly challenging to dismiss the allure of the ego and be led by your essence. However, even if you manage to tap into this deeper part of you a few minutes a day, your life will improve in many noticeable and beautiful ways.

This is because even a teaspoon worth of love, wisdom or courage coming from your soul is a thousand times more powerful than a negative message coming from the ego.

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