Does Divorce Scar Children or Is It Poor Parenting Choices That Damage?

With the favored conditions, sheen, and holiday sensibilities it’s understandable that annually December holds the designation as the month with the most engagements. However, as the calendar page turns with each new year, we also discover that January retains the title as the month with the highest rate of divorce filings. In fact, it’s commonly referenced within related industries (wellness, legal, financial, etc.) as “Divorce Month.” Further details indicate that the first Monday [in January] after schools are back in session from holiday break is the single day with the most filings of the month.


The reasons and choices to separate, break-up or divorce at the beginning of the new year are understandable (if not predictable). Some emotional, some logical.

More important are the reasons, choices and behaviors of how to move through the transition so that it considers and leaves all involved (partners, children, family and even friends) emotionally healthy and valued.

Soul Expansion’s Conscious Separation program was developed to forward this intention. Having walked this path myself – and guiding many others through the years – I recognize it is not an easy campaign.

It's often a disorienting and devastating period. Near instantly, the foreseeable familiarity and dynamics to which we have become accustom – whether healthy or unhealthy – are unclear and confused. As human beings, we like predictability because the contrast of uncertainty is a companion to feelings of fear. When we have feelings fear, we usually react (and make poor decisions) as we attempt to regain control of our circumstances with the perception that returning to predictability will increase comfort. It doesn’t really work, but it is a convincing detour.

For those willing to discover what lies just steps beyond their current horizon, a whole new journey awaits. Only the emotionally brave will venture as it requires setting aside the primary intention of self-preservation and protection. These give way to explore the road less traveled; a path where one chooses to look inward, see the story, accept their responsibility, and acknowledge their role as part of a larger structure. To recognize that a Conscious Separation is both an initiative and choice that supports themselves and others to ensure everybody is uplifted. To conclude a relationship better than when it began. This is a hero’s journey where Love in it’s greatest form presents itself and is evident.

In fact, this month we're offering a 40% reduction (coupon code: CCDM) on our Conscious Separation program.

A centric aspect of all of this is to consider any children that may be affected from the breakup or divorce. It can be easy to lose sight of how emotionally fragile and vulnerable we are as individuals – and especially children. Whether they are young or young adults, staying focused on the emotional wellness of children is paramount. It also provides a common reference point and measurable feedback of how the adults are handling the breakup or divorce.

My colleague Rosalind Sedecca, CCT, created International Child-Centered Divorce Month as a resource and haven. The entire month of January is devoted to alerting parents about crucial single parenting and co-parenting issues to safeguard the well-being of their children during and long after a separation or divorce.

Divorce coaches, attorneys, mediators, therapists, financial planners and parenting experts provide complimentary educational material for parents, including ebooks, coaching services, videos, audio programs and other valuable resources.

Parents who are contemplating divorce, divorcing or transitioning after divorce can access this material at a special website available throughout January:

Parents will also find listings of free workshops, expert interviews and other special events during January on the Events Calendar at the same website.

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