The "C" Word!

The C Word

What do you think of when you hear the word compromise?

If you're like most of the individuals and couples I’ve partnered with in Soul Expansion, that word alone brings up the opposite of feeling joyful. Blah!

In fact, people's eyes usually glaze over at the mere mention of the word. It's old-fashioned. The kind of thing you hear from preachers, parents, and especially from people who seem to have dreadful relationships.

Compromise has negative connotations. It makes us believe that we have to give up something - that you have to shave off parts of yourself for another person or interaction.

And there's a reason for this. This is the first definition listed for "compromise" in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

A way of reaching agreement in which each person or group gives up something that was wanted in order to end an argument or dispute.

The cultural and historical norm tells us that once you get into a relationship, you can't have everything you want. From this perspective, a relationship seems like a difficult landscape. The underlying belief is, "When I get into a relationship, I have to make myself smaller to fit into it."

Fundamentally, you're losing.

Society tells us that we have to do this to have a successful relationship. That you must conduct your partnership like a business, and make sure both parties are getting their fair share.

After decades of partnering with individuals, couples, families, and my own relationships, I have witnessed that this kind of thinking does not deliver what is expected. Instead, I prefer to show you how to have fun in your relationships; how both people get what they need in a way that makes your connection better and deeper than ever.

This is one of the foundational aspects you'll learn through our Soul Expansion (Conscious Loving & Living), Conscious Dating, and Born.Romantic. programs.

What is it? A No-Compromise Relationship.

I much prefer a relationship that combines the qualities of the two individuals and creates something greater and more alive than either could have become on their own.

I encourage you to think of a relationship as a meadow or backyard that's big enough to roam around freely and relate (instead of the self-imposed prison "compromise" requires).

The idea is that you can have it all when you get into a relationship. In fact, you can have more!

You can work on your own individual path - your career, your interests, your friends, and your personal growth - and still be connected to your partner.

It's about creating a context that allows both of you to be creatively fulfilled individually and at the same time enjoy all the delicious benefits of being in a relationship.

As it turns out, not compromising is precisely what helps you have a better relationship!

When you learn how to stop compromising, here's what happens:

  • Your relationship becomes exciting again, and you get more excited about your own life!
  • The passion you once knew together returns, and stronger than ever.
  • You experience more feelings of joyfulness - more freedom, lightness, happiness - and as if you're finally fulfilling your own purpose and being “You.”

But where do you start? How do you break out of the current beliefs and routine of compromise when you've been doing it that way for so long? To use your individual fulfilment to further enrich the Love and connection you share with each other without behaviors and techniques such as guilt, shame, or manipulation.

Well, the programs I mentioned above (Soul Expansion (Conscious Loving & Living), Conscious Dating, and Born.Romantic.) are the best places. Let's break it down!

Soul Expansion (Conscious Loving & Living) is a great fit if you are seeking to really transform yourself and life! It's our flagship program - the one that laid the foundation for all others - and over twelve session process you will playfully discover how you have been holding yourself back from the relationships and life you really desire, and then connect and align with them with You! 

Conscious Dating offers a focused four session process; getting clear about the way you have been approaching intimate relationships, acquire the skills to obtain a deeper understanding of how you have really (and likely unconsciously) been sabotaging what you want, and then learning how to easily create the intimate relationship that you DO want! 

Born. Romantic. is another unique Soul Expansion offering that in just four sessions gently invites you to dispel archaic beliefs about romance and get connected to this truly innate quality that everybody possesses - women and men alike. You will learn about the three types of romance, but more importantly you'll instantly infuse and any relationship!

Soon you’ll realize that you won't have to give up anything to enjoy lasting Love. You'll reach your deepest levels of emotional and physical intimacy together - without losing yourself.

You are cordially invited to the rest of your life! Take the next step towards Soul Expansion with the gift of a Complimentary Session or call 818.851.7880.

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