What Happens In Vagus, Stays In Vagus!

What Happens In Vagus, Stays In Vagus

What happens in Vagus, stays in Vagus!

On the day the marketing creatives behind this now pop culture driven ubiquitous phrase formed the campaign, I imagine they were unaware of the absolute and powerful truth of their clever tagline. With a small shift in spelling, using a homonym like a stunt-double, the meaning is just as relevant when discussing trauma.

Psychologically it has important significance, but physiologically it is paramount.

The Vagus nerve is the longest nerve of the automatic nervous system. It provides sensory and autonomic (parasympathetic) motor innervation to most of the organs in the chest and abdomen as well as to the neck, including the digestive system, liver, spleen, pancreas, heart, and lungs.

That’s a lot of thoroughfare within our bodies. Now, let’s consider an analogy for a moment; how about gridlock during rush hour traffic?

When we encounter trauma, like any memory there is an imprint of sensory information within our bodies at the given moment or circumstance. However, a memory is not a single “thing” that gets stored in our brain; it is a moment in time captured with information (data) from all five senses and layered with your emotions. Recalled, these become the experiences we then reference as… memories.

When we perceive one of these moments – whether seemingly minor or major, sudden or prolonged – the example of grid lock can become a multi-car collision. And when those memories are recalled (through any trigger or reminder), they can elicit the same reactions and responses as the original occurrence.

In the absence of awareness about our trauma, triggers, and behaviors, we are likely to repeat the circumstances unconsciously when confronted or similar circumstances arise.

An important and fundamental part of Soul Expansion is to lovingly and gently assist Partners in revealing the unconscious patterns of their lives so they become conscious. From this place, we can make empowered decisions that support healthy change and our personal evolution.

This allows us to come from our true essence. We attend to ourselves with nurturing and compassion, but make choices that reinforce our safety and strength.

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