Shift from Seeing Yourself as a Victim to Knowing Yourself as a Person of True Creative Power

Shift From Seeing Yourself as a Victim

You can make a quantum jump in your well-being and success by getting agile at one simple shift: From thinking and acting as a victim to thinking and acting from true creative power.

When we think of ourselves as victims, we put ourselves in a powerless position. Then we try to manipulate other people into giving us what we think we want, using strategies such as whining, being aggressive or becoming needy through sickness and accidents. Regardless of your thought patterns and behaviors, thinking and acting as a victim will not make you happy.

Here’s the choice:

I choose to experience life as a victim.


I choose to experience life as a person with true creative power.

Many people erroneously think they can wait and pick one (i.e. being a victim or a person of true creative power) depending on the situation. They subconsciously think: ‘I’ll evaluate each situation to see if I’m actually being victimized, then if I don’t think I am, I’ll choose to feel powerful.’ That’s the same as choosing to experience life as a victim. The choice to experience life as a genuinely powerful person liberates a huge amount of creative energy, and most people are unwilling to enjoy that amount of energy.

“You may think ‘Hey, wait! Aren’t there real victims in the world? What about the Holocaust, civil rights injustices, etc.’ That’s a worthwhile philosophical discussion – and you may enjoy getting a few people together to debate it – but debating any issue is not the same as choosing to become more creatively powerful. The important question is: How much of my creative energy am I wasting through thinking and acting as a victim?


Even when you accept the choice that you can let go of victim stances, it isn’t easy. We have a lot invested in trying to convince ourselves and others that we have no choice, that we were wronged, that we were at the mercy of each other or someone else, or that others exploited us.

But, once you make the choice the Universe will give you plenty of chances to experience it daily and often minute-by-minute. It is an opportunity to choose again and again. This becomes one of the key choices in our personal growth and Soul Expansion.

Each time we choose to experience life as people with true creative power, possibilities open up and the space around our constriction or conflict expands. This plays into a principle I titled "The Rule of Essence."

Victims think they want heroes, but energetically often require villains. In other words, when one of us is in “victim” mode, we are looking for someone or something to rescue us, but what often shows up instead is someone or something to blame us and make us wrong. Similarly, when we are in “hero” mode, we require someone to rescue, or when we are in “villain” mode, we require someone to vilify. This triangle can occur between people as well as within oneself.

When I first discovered this concept, I recognized that I was often moving quickly from the role of a victim (why does this always happen to me?), to blaming others or myself (villain) and then trying to relieve the situation (hero). At other times, I tried very hard to please and placate others (hero) and then resented it (villain) and ended up that somehow somebody wronged me (victim). This was exhausting!

I can now use creative ways to remove myself from the drama triangle (or ‘get off the triangle’ as I like to say), feel my feelings, and shift my consciousness. Loving myself wherever I am and allowing myself some time to make these shifts are essential. Pushing to shift will backfire. We will all walk through it at our own pace, and in time will achieve it with great speed and consistency.


Shifting to true creative power is often easier said than done. I realize this from my own experience. Einstein stated, “A problem cannot be solved by the same level of thinking by which it was created.” This remains one of my favorite quotes of all-time. It is helpful to find ways to shift into a different level of consciousness – to open up to greater problem solving.

An important part of Soul Expansion is about how to get off the drama triangle. This can be done using simple breath and movement techniques, and other energetic processes that allow us to get out of the content and into creative space.

When you experience being a victim of the world around you, you are not able to access your full potential. I invite you to step fully into a moment-to-moment commitment of experiencing life as a person with true creative power.

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