I Accecpt and Embrace All Experiences

Accecpt and Embrace All Experiences

With the correct perspective, nearly all experiences can be viewed as neutral. Your perception of the situation (and on a larger scale, life) determines whether you view it as positive or negative. When you are accepting of all experiences, life is easier to manage.

Each experience is unique and provides inimitable insights – if you choose to seek them. You will miss out on these important lessons if you fail to embrace the experience fully.

Your beliefs shape your experience and most of them likely cling to the model that life should unfold in a particular way. Unfortunately, most of us cannot easily identify or acknowledge the debilitating beliefs that hold ourselves back.

Acceptance of others enhances our relationships and allows us to bond more fully with everyone. The separateness we sometimes experience from others melts away when we are more accepting.

Accept life as it is today! Definitely have goals, but embrace your current circumstances and position. Step towards clarity of yourself, your circumstances, and others into freedom from anxiety, confusion, and regret.

Be open to accepting that life often unfolds in ways that seem different than our expectations, but always for our benefit. Rather than asking “why is this happening to me?” ask “why is this happening for me?”

Your new life begins each day with the rising sun.

Value all of your experiences and deal with them directly. When you fail to engage fully with all experiences (including the ones you believe to be negative), you fail to live life fully.

Today, consider relaxing into a greater level of awareness. Say “I am actively dealing with my life and everything that comes my way. I accept and embrace all experiences.”

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Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What am I failing to accept in my life right now? What is this belief or attitude costing me?

2. How would my life change if I were more accepting of all (perceived) negative experiences and people?

3. How much time have I spent feeling sad, guilty, or ashamed about situations outside of my control? How can I focus energy toward things I can control?