Breakthrough Feelings of Fear

Feelings of fear are a foundational part of life. As you'll discover through Soul Expansion, it is one of the five emotions of the Human Experience, and believe it or not... really wonderful. In fact, like all emotions, feelings of fear aren't good or bad, they're neutral.

You’re afraid to stick your hand into a fire or to jump off a cliff. If you weren’t afraid of anything, you wouldn’t live long. The issue isn't having feelings of fear; it is your reaction to these feelings. Most people have not learned how to become acute and healthfully respond to feelings of fear.  They find themselves overwhelmed, crippled, and this influences your decisions in negative ways.

In our Breakthrough Feelings of Fear program, we teach you how to become a FearWhisperer. You develop the skills to clearly identify your feelings of fear, feel them to completion, and honor yourself (and others). You increase your emotional intelligence and fortitude, and this benefits all aspects of yourself and life!

So, let's begin with the first step: shifting your perspective and gaining a different awareness.

Imagine you’re walking through the woods and get a thorn in your arm. You would likely remove it and go about your life with little thought of that mild injury, but what if you didn’t pull it out and deal with it.

Eventually, that thorn would affect many of your decisions:

  • It would become infected and sore.

  • You would be careful not to bump anything.

  • You’d avoid playing sports.

  • You would protect yourself anytime someone walked too close.

  • Eventually, you might even develop a special cover to tape over it.

  • Then you must worry about finding clothes that fit over it.

  • You couldn’t swim because the tape might come off.

  • It would affect your sleeping position, and so on.

The truth is that most of us don't remove the thorns and heal.

Feelings of fear are the same way. A fear of talking to strangers affects the decisions you make in your social life and career. We avoid all types of things to ensure we don’t stir up the negative emotions caused by our fears.

The more fears you have, the less freedom you enjoy.

Try these techniques to transcend your feelings of fears and claim the level of freedom you deserve:

1. Become more aware. There’s a big world out there with a variety of perspectives. Yours might not be the best perspective. You might believe that a fear of public speaking is totally normal and justified. But is it? What is the worst that could happen if you make a mistake? No one is going to stone you.

  • Look at all your fears and make a list of them.

  • Decide which are causing your life the most grief. Which fears do you spend the most time working around? Which are the most limiting?

2. Determine why you’re afraid. What are the possible consequences that cause you to be afraid?

3. Deal with your feelings of fear a little at a time. For example, if you’re afraid of public speaking, try giving a speech to your child, nephew, or niece. Then trying giving it to three of them. Build up your tolerance until you can speak to thousands.

4. Use techniques to lessen your feelings of fear. There are many tools for dealing with fears:

  • Soul Expansion offers specific guidance to transcend feelings of fear

  • The Emotional Freedom Technique is popular.

  • So is the Sedona Method.

  • Hypnosis and meditation are also options.

  • You can also use a psychologist if you’re not making a lot of progress on your own.

5. Use a journal. Writing can often be more helpful than thinking. We take the things we write more seriously than our self-talk. You talk to yourself constantly throughout the day. What will one more thought accomplish? Use a journal to record your thoughts, (feelings of) fear, and your progress.

6. Develop a new understanding of failure. Many of the silly fears we have are related to a fear of failure. Ask yourself what can happen if you fail? Failure can be a great thing if you learn from it and apply it to your life.

Imagine a life without any irrational fears. What would you do if you weren’t afraid of failing? You can measure your personal freedom by number of fears you possess. Everyone develops fears as a natural consequence of living. You have a choice. You don’t have to keep your fears. Spend some time each day dealing with your feelings of fears and reclaim your life.

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